CHROMATOPIA (2018) at Stratton Elementary, Champaign, IL
Raising Visionary Voices: Building Community through collaborative public art projects:
A collaboration between visiting George A. Miller scholar, Amanda Browder, Stratton Academy of the Arts, The University of Illinois School of Art and Design, and the Champaign-Urbana community.
Public Events at Stratton Academy of the Arts - 902 N. Randolph, Champaign, IL
FABRIC DROP OFF DAY : October 4th, 2-6pm - We are looking for donations of non-stretch, brightly colored and black fabrics to create this artwork.
Artist Talk with Amanda Browder: October 14th, 9pm
FALL SEWING DAYS : October 14th, 10am-3pm and November 11th, 10am-3pm
Drop in anytime during the sewing days to begin our work on this large-scale artwork! No sewing experience required!
FINAL PRESENTATION March 9th, 2018 at Stratton Elementary - The Students + Teachers + Volunteers helped make this piece into an amazing work that was draped over the entrance of their school.
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