Future Phenomenon



The final sculptural piece will be displayed during the daytime and will be photo-documented with the intention of creating a photograph that displays three apartments in a row: aluminum siding, sculptural installation, aluminum siding.

Community: Encouraging the collaborative nature of a public piece, local sewing groups in the Greenpoint neighborhood will be getting together as a method of communal construction of the project. As a celebration of community involvement and volunteerism this project will provide a sculptural representation of a group effort in a local community.


Greenpoint and Williamsburg are at the center of the current transformation of our economic life from mass consumption, with its end product of ever more degraded earth, water, and air, to one based on feedback, reuse, recycling…mass re-consumption. Greenpoint (bordered on the north by a waterway so polluted that it has rendered state and local governments catatonic) and Williamsburg are century-long experiments in the sustainability of urban life.

The public display of art is a critical element in generating and focusing neighborhood responses of the realities of gentrification, ancient toxic waterways, and urban migration.  Public art can bring life and awareness to static architectural objects but the “Future Phenomena” will be not only a spectacle of bright colors and flowing shapes, but also a social space for pedestrians, participants and residents.  Into this space will flow work, materials, comments, all manner of human energy, to be recycled until the project vanishes, leaving behind a memory of the power of art to transform the mundane.


Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY - June 19 - 20th, 2010

Mission: To create a fabric public art sculpture on the façade of a building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

Proposal: The Future Phenomena Project is a one-day event that will cover the street-facing façade of a Greenpoint apartment building with a fabric structure using an oversized repeating chevron pattern. The structure will be built from fabric donated from both neighborhood residents and the NYC based recycling group Wearable Collections. (www.wearablecollections.com) and 303 Gallery in Brooklyn (http://www.303grandnyc.com/).

Sponsored by: North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition (http://nbpac.wordpress.com/)

07/11/2009 - Community Sewing Day : 7 in 6: Space vs. Time:  {CTS} Creative Thriftshop in conjunction with the Williamsburg Gallery Association.